I’m Not Judging You

Are you afraid that other people are judging you? Do you try to hide your food choices or the fact that you haven’t been working out as much as you’d like?

I totally get you. I’ve been there! I want people to look up to me but to be honest I’m human. I make choices that I’m not always proud of. I skip workouts and I eat junk food. But you know what, that just makes me real instead of the fake people you see on social.

It’s a common myth that people in the fitness world are judging every one else’s choices. And I get you may have experienced that with other fitness professionals. I have also struggled with fitness professionals making negative comments about my choices too. Never a fun thing because “they always know what’s best for you”. But they don’t know what’s going on. They don’t know your day to day life. So I want you to know once and for all, I’m not judging you.

I had a brief encounter the other day when I was passing someone in the hall. He was holding what some would say was an off limits item if you want to be fit. And his gut reaction was to tell me “Don’t judge me” with a guilty grin while going back to his desk. I immediately responded, “No judgement. At all”. I don’t know what he is going through and I don’t know what you are going through. We are all on our different journeys just trying to do better than yesterday or just trying to get through a hard season. I get it. I consume things that aren’t the healthiest for me and don’t fuel my body the most efficient way.

I have my vices and so do you.

Thanks Bro for my awesome gift!  I love it!

So let’s put down the ruler and stop measuring ourselves to others expectations of us. We don’t know how we got the ruler in the first place but we can put it down and choose not to use it. Let’s just focus on ourselves. That’s all we have control over anyways!!! And our mamas told us when we were growing up to mind our OWN business. Let’s take that heart, shall we?

So the next time you see someone and start thinking, they shouldn’t do that, or you catch yourself thinking you’re better than another person, here’s your and my reminder:

    We have no idea what they are going through.
    We have no idea what is going on.
    We are not perfect and neither are they. And that in itself is wonderful!

So give people grace today and everyday. Encourage those around you and refuse to look down on them. Our world will be such a better place if we did this. So start with yourself!

Filling Your Day With Truth

Our days are filled to the brim with messages. Messages about the latest toy or what just happened half way across the world. Somethings are positive and uplifting while most are negative or say we are lacking.

This takes a toll on us whether we realize it or not. We start to believe the messages we are being fed by the media or a well intentioned friend. But if we don’t have a base of beliefs to filter what hits us day in and day out, then we will believe whatever someone says to us or whatever we read from a “reliable” source. We have to be careful what we believe because that shapes us and our world. Our world changes based on our perspective more so than our circumstances.

I am in no way saying that I am positive 100% of the time.  I struggle with being positive.  I am actually a positive person for other people in my life and truly believe in them.  But when it comes to me, I see things more “realistically”.  Or the more truthful way to say it is, I can be a negative person.  That’s not a fun thing to put out there.  I don’t like thinking of myself that way, but I do know that is my inclination.  When I think to myself about others, here is something that would cross my mind, “Well of course.  This person can do amazing things.  They are more than capable to take on that challenge”  But when I think about my own capabilities, my thoughts are more like, “Well I’ve never done that before, so I’m not sure I can do this.  Sure others can do it, but that doesn’t apply to me.  I’m different than other people.”  So just in case you thought I was preaching, this message is a reminder to myself as well as to you, that we have the power to change our perspectives and thoughts.  

But how do we go about this?  We don’t just want to blindly be positive about things because it would feel fake.  And if we try and fake it, than it’ll just be a front and on the inside we will still be miserable.  So we need to truly believe what we tell ourselves. 

Recently I have been digging into God’s Word and seeing what he has to say about me. This has been so encouraging in my own life and it has blessed my day knowing what the God of the Universe thinks about me and what he promises to me.

I wanted to share some truths that I have been mulling over and digesting. They don’t all speak to me all the time, but certain ones jump out and give me encouragement.  It depends on what I am going through at that moment or time of day.  I may be bold in saying this, but I would be surprised if it doesn’t have a positive affect on you.

So if I could ask you to take a deep breath and repeat these next truths either out loud or in your mind.  Really focus on the words and the meanings behind them.  Don’t just rush through them.  Take each statement and repeat it in your mind at least once after the initial reading.  Take a moment to pause between them. 

Are you ready?

  1. I am loved by God
    • (repeat)
    • I am loved by God
  2. I am known by God
    • (repeat)
    • I am known by God
  3. I am forgiven
    • (repeat)
    • I am forgiven
  4. I am God’s workmanship
    • (repeat)
    • I am God’s workmanship
  5. I am in God’s plans
    • (repeat)
    • I am in God’s plans
  6. God is working for my good
    • (repeat)
    • God is working for my good
  7. God has a plan to prosper and protect me
    • (repeat)
    • God has a plan to prosper and protect me
  8. God is above men; I do not need to be afraid
    • (repeat)
    • God is above men; I do not need to be afraid
  9. God is for me
    • (repeat)
    • God is for me
  10. God is with me; I am never alone
    • (repeat)
    • God is with me; I am never alone

Now, how do you feel?  Does it feel a little weird talking to yourself?  Yea, I get that.  But come to think of it, I already have thoughts floating up in my head.  Thoughts of not being good enough or not working hard enough or it’s too late for me I’m stuck with what I have.  So why not, fill up your head with encouraging, truthful statements that can pick you up?  All of these are true and I’ve included the scriptural references below so you can double check me and see it for yourself. 

So remember next time doubt comes into your head and starts speaking lies, like you aren’t good enough or you aren’t loved, pull out this list of truths and combat those lies.  We have the power to change our thoughts. We don’t have to think whatever comes into our heads.  Thank The Lord!  We have a choice.  And it’s a big decision.  It can change the course of our life.

I hope this is as encouraging to you as it is for me.  Saying these truths, especially out loud, lifts up my heart and spirit.  I pray it does the same for you! 

Are there any truths that lift you up that I’m not including?  Please leave them in the comments.  I’d love to hear yours!

Truths + Scriptural References

  1. I am loved by God – Eph. 3:18-19 & Rom. 5:8
  2. I am known by God – Ps. 139:4 & 16
  3. I am forgiven – 1 John 1:9
  4. I am God’s workmanship – Eph. 2:10
  5. I am in God’s plans – Jer. 29:11
  6. God is working for my good – Rom. 8:28
  7. God has a plan to prosper and protect me – Jer. 29:11
  8. God is above men; I do not need to be afraid – Heb. 13:6
  9. God is for me – Rom. 8:31
  10. God is with me; I am never alone – Rom. 8:39 & Heb. 13:5